The Wizards have gone backwards this season

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The Wizards suck. But not like, "we blew up the team cause someone brought guns into the locker room," type suck or even, "we got the first round pick and have to wait to develop," type suck. No, for the first time in seven years, we have gone backwards and there is no headline news reason as to why.

Think about it. We lost Paul Pierce. By what he is doing in LA, it only makes Randy Wittman look like a maximizer of talent. We lost Kevin Seraphin, a/ka "ManBearPig." We gained one player we all sort of like in Jared Dudley. But that really doesn't sum it up.

Last year, we were coming for people. We were a rising team in the East. We were youth driven and veteran anchored. We had an identity as being someone you did not want to play. Why? Because we were gritty. We played D. Sure, the W's still ended in the forties, but that didn't make us liked. People did not like playing us last year. What changed? We wanted to be liked.

We wanted to drink the kool-aid and be liked with the rest of the run-and-gun teams. We wanted a "stretch 4" so bad, which, to this day, I still don't know the definition of. (In a way, they have always existed: see Rasheed Wallace, Robert Horry, Tony Kukoc, Bill Laimbeer). We wanted to hit threes. This is all fine.

But now we are liked. People like playing at the Verizon Center. They put up career numbers and hit threes at an alarming rate. Toronto added a little nasty with DeMarre Carroll and Bismack Biyombo and we got soft. Hmmm. Opposing guards are not afraid to drive because they know they aren't going to be punched in the gut by a physical big, we have embraced small ball.

Now, I realize the traditional Gortat-Nene tandem will not work, due to lack of speed, which I attribute mostly to their age. But we put up a four-game win streak fielding a lineup of John Wall, Garrett Temple, Kelly Oubre, Dudley, and Nene.

That was the only time all year I saw a little identity in this team. A scrappy, high-pressure defensive team. Like an NFL team that loves to blitz. Wall and KO and Temp (Otto Porter too) were finally able to pressure in a way that disturbed the other team. Why?

Because the secondary, (Nene) had great defensive positioning. Sure you get beat sometimes, but the pressure was bothersome. I say let those five have at it, find another big known for defensive positioning, like a Taj Gibson or Zaza Pachulia (not like Ryan Anderson), and let Marcin Gortat and Bradley Beal come off the bench. And I know Zaza is pretty much untouchable now.

Without a consistent identity, TV ratings drop, morale drops, appeal factor drops, we drop games, we drop our opportunity to attract superstars, we drop our current stars' faith in this organization. Some heads need to be fired now, like Ernie Grunfeld and Wittman, to right this train before another ten years go by.

This is my post, celebrating ten years of being on Bullets Forever. Thank you all!

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