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Highlights of John Wall's 41 point, 10 assist performance against the Warriors

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There are a lot of things you poke at here to downplay John Wall's performance against the Warriors: Curry outplayed him, the Warriors didn't put together their best effort defensively, and he didn't make enough of an impact defensively to get the Warriors out of their rhythm.

But when you do that, don't forget the circumstances Wall had to overcome to get the Wizards where they were. After the Warriors opened the game with a torrent of threes and got out to a 17 point lead, Wall could have panicked and tried to shoot more threes to get the team back into the game. Instead, he doubled down on who he was, attacking the rim more aggressively and getting Gortat more involved to turn what could have been a blowout into a competitive, respectable game on a night where the Warriors would have preferred to punch out after the third quarter.

The real shame last night was the lack of support Wall got when he was on the bench. The Wizards were -1 with Wall on the floor, which is remarkable considering he was on the floor for most of the Warriors early run. On the flip side, Washington was -12 in the 13 minutes he spent on the bench.

While you can quibble with Washington's decision to take him out longer than they should have in the second half when he got into some foul trouble, the bottom line is even with Wall's performance last night the Warriors were just better. Still, give credit to Wall for making a game that could have been a disaster into a thriller, even though Washington came out on the wrong end of it.