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Calling all Wizards Fans to be the Sixth Man Against Golden State

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The chances are slim for the Wizards win tonight, but they don't have to be if you root for the home team.

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I cannot remember a time when the Golden State Warriors were this big. Baron Davis could give you the occasional top ten highlight play and Jason Richardson was an NBA Slam Dunk Champion among other things but these Stephen Curry and Steve Kerr led Golden State Warriors are basketball rock stars. It's fitting when you think about it, Steve Kerr is of the Chicago Bulls 90's era where they dominated countless opponents and moved throughout the league with a fearless aura like historic bounty hunters. Steph Curry's dominance is seven years in the making. I guess it's a good thing that Kobe Bryant is headed out this year and LeBron James can not figure out where his loyalties lie: Cleveland or Miami (Hey, there's still a chance he leaves again. Stay Woke.)

So, today as they enter the crumbling palace of DC's Wallstar the last thing these Wizards need is the mental instability of the past, where your home crowd cheers harder for the opponent and boos you at the free throw line. It would be nice if just for this one game Washington Wizards fans came out decked in ruby red or navy blue as if this were the last game of the season, as if this were a playoff game. I know many of you want Wittman gone and Ernie too, but what about cheering for the team that's still here? What about showing love for them as they show love for you? Believe it or not, those front office changes that Wizards fans around the country want desperately may never happen.

Their home play has been awful. Trust me I know. I have sat through many a blowout, wanting to lay my head down on the tables at press row like a pillow. I think these Wizards have taken it to heart the home crowd cheering against them this year. As a reminder to all watching, they are human beings too. Golden State beats their opponents by double-digits in embarrassing fashion. Of the 48 games they've played this season, they've won 30 games by 10 or more. The Wizards have lost 7 games at home by double digits and 3 of those were total soul-crushing blowouts by 20 or more.

Things to Note:

  • Golden State almost lost to the Sixers on Saturday, but almost doesn't count. Harrison Barnes hit a clutch three and the rest is history
  • The New York Knicks hung around in the first half of their game against them on Sunday, until they disappeared.  The funny thing is Steph Curry is such a metahuman that The Carmelo Anthony tried to hold his head in place, so Steph wouldn't shuffle around him. And, they still lost.
  • The Warriors have lost four games this season: at Milwaukee, at Dallas, at Denver, at Detroit.  The one thing you can take from these four L's is this: they tire easily on the road.  From the bus to the plane to the arena, to the bus and to the plane again, their bodies slow down and with that, they are in beatable territory. "They've shown why they're the best shooters in the league," Wall said. "They're able to knock down shots. But I think they're a beatable team. Every team is beatable in this league."

The Wizards will need you if they want to win tonight and this is how you can help:

3 Keys to being Wiz Sixth Man:

1. Boo the opponent, not the home team

This has been a weird problem all season, the transient city of D.C. is full of bandwagon fans, who come out to see the big names in sports and forget about the home team.  For this game only try cheering for the Wizards, especially given the fact that this is a nationally televised game. KD could be watching.

2. Create D-E-F-E-N-S-E chants throughout game

The Wizards' struggles on defense have been heavily documented, so maybe what they need is a little love from their home crowd to keep their heads in the game and not on the lack of fan support. The Wizards may never become the defensive-minded team they once were, but at least you get to enjoy yourself tonight loudly chanting defense, and release the stresses of the workday.

3. If Wizards get down early, cheer them on anyway

Whatever happens tonight will be history in the making, and you will be apart of that. Either the Washington Wizards will hand the Golden State Warriors their fifth loss on a historic season.  Or the Golden State Warriors will continue at an unbelievable rate to top the 95-96 Chicago Bulls, seventy-two-win NBA season.

The chances are slim for a Wizards win this evening, but they don't have to be.