Isiah Thomas gave John Wall a pep talk last week: Now we're seeing the dividends

Stewart W. Small

After the Wizards' 109-105 loss to the Chicago Bulls, head coach Randy Wittman arranged a meeting between John Wall and his former college teammate and Hall of Fame player Isiah Thomas. Thomas is now the President of Basketball Operations for the WNBA's New York Liberty.

J. Michael of CSN Mid-Atlantic wrote a column on how the chat went down. Here's part of the piece. The emphasis is mine.

"He was just like, stop this trying to be the best point guard in the league. Be the best player in the league because you've got the physical tools to do it. He says my doggish (attitude) hasn't been there defensively," Wall told "Once somebody used to score on me in the past, he said I'd get really upset. Now somebody scores it's like, I'm cool. It's over with. He wants me to be myself, be aggressive, go out there and be one of the top five players in the league."

The conversation was just five minutes, but Wall noted that he admired Thomas' game and "always wanted to talk to [him]."

No doubt that that talk had some impact on Wall's last two games.

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