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FanDuel: Taking a chance on two franchise point guards for February 27, 2016

I usually don't pick two franchise point guards on the same day when they play each other. But tonight, why not?

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It's the last Saturday of February. Let's get through a nine-man fantasy lineup that should help you at least be competitive in a 50/50 league when half of the league wins cash.

PG: Stephen Curry, Warriors ($11,100) - The man averages 30 points, 5.3 rebounds. 6.6 assists, and 2.1 steals. Pick Wardell Jr. in EVERY LINEUP! Tonight's matchup against the Thunder will be on fire since he's playing another talented point guard who's below.

PG: Russell Westbrook, Thunder ($11,000) - Westbrook is averaging 24 points, 7.5 rebounds, and 10.2 assists a game this season. Usually I don't pick two superstar point guards on the same day when they play each other, but tonight is an exception.

SG: Zach LaVine, Timberwolves ($4,900) - LaVine has scored at least 20 fantasy points in nine of his last ten games, showing fans that he is consistent in more ways than dunking.

SG: Danny Green, Spurs ($4,400) - The Spurs starters' minutes can fluctuate a bit, but with Green, he has played about 30 minutes a game on average over the last 10 games. If he gets going, he can easily drop 30 fantasy points.

SF: Kawhi Leonard, Spurs ($7,900) - As the Spurs' now de-facto if not outright franchise player, he has maintained his high level of production in each of his last two games since taking a three-game rest.

SF: Harrison Barnes, Warriors ($4,400) - Barnes has played at least 29 minutes in each of his last ten games and has scored at least 11 fantasy points each time -- and that was ten games ago. Otherwise, he's a safe bet to get you towards 20.

PF: Serge Ibaka, Thunder ($5,700) - Ibaka has scored at least 24 fantasy points in each of his last five games. He's also a safe bet to get you 20 fantasy points on a below average night. Sure, I wish I could buy Anthony Davis or Karl-Anthony Towns instead, but I already spent a ton of money on both Curry and Westbrook

PF: Taj Gibson, Bulls ($5,300) - Gibson scored nearly 39 fantasy points in a hard-fought win over the Wizards on Wednesday, but hea also scored at least 20 fantasy points in six of his last 10 games, and has neverscored worse than 13. Again, considering how much money I have left on my salary cap, he's a good option.

C: Andrew Bogut, Warriors ($4,800) - Bogut has scored in double figures for fantasy points in each of the last nine games he has played in . He also has dished 11 assists in his last three games, so they should help boost his totals in what promises to be an up-and-down match tonight against the Thunder.