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Wizards still have the cap space to offer Kevin Durant a max deal after Markieff Morris trade

Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

The Wizards added some salary beyond the 2015-16 season when they traded for Markieff Morris, but if you're worried about that the Wizards will miss out on offering Kevin Durant a max deal because of the trade, don't be alarmed.

According to Zach Lowe, the NBA is now projecting the cap will be at $92 million this summer, up $3 million from what they projected at the start of the season. That bump should be enough to help the Wizards keep enough cap space open to offer Durant, or anyone else for that matter, a max deal this summer.

If Washington renounces all their free agents this summer (except Bradley Beal), they would only have John Wall, Marcin Gortat, Markieff Morris, Otto Porter and Kelly Oubre's salaries on the books, which total to $44.6 million. The Wizards would also have Bradley Beal's cap hold ($14.2 million), Martell Webster's remaining salary (approximately $800,000 if they use the stretch provision) and cap holds for the team's seven open roster spots ($3.8 million) entering free agency. In total, the Wizards would have around $62 million committed entering free agency, giving them $30 million worth of cap space.

The max Kevin Durant could make next season as a nine-year veteran is right around $25 million, so the Wizards would still be able to make a max offer without going over the cap.

Once that is resolved, the Wizards could use their Bird rights on Bradley Beal to sign him to an extension (even a max extension) without violating the salary cap.

It's anyone's guess if the Morris trade does anything to change the Wizards' odds of signing Kevin Durant next season, but don't take it as a sign they're giving up, because they're still in fine position to offer Durant a max deal.