It's time to give up on the KD2DC pipedream

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Is it time for the Wizards to quit their pipe dream?

Well, we're getting into the second half of the season after J-Wall's fantastic All-Star performance, and it's time to get back to reality. Do the 23-28 Wiz have enough to push their way into the playoff picture? At this point, they sit a full three games back of the 8th seeded Hornets, and with Charlotte involved in Dwight Howard trade rumors (along with the acquisition of Courtney Lee), they could be ready to widen the gap between themselves and the Wiz. There are two ways the Wizards could go about this conundrum here.

1. Keep pushing for the playoffs, trade for Ryan Anderson, Miles Plumlee, or others, and try to give all they can to pull KD towards Washington.

2. Make some trades and try to wheel and deal themselves into a good position for the future.

Option #1 is likely what is going to happen, now that we are a few months away from Kevin Durant's long anticipated free agency.

But what happens if KD signs a one-year deal with the Thunder to take advantage of the cap in 2017? Do the Wiz throw away another season of Wall's prime trying to save cap space for a star that may not even make his way to Washington?

And what if Durant DOES sign a big contract with the Thunder or another team interested in him that has more talent like Golden State, Houston, or Miami? Then these past few years where they Wizards could have been competing and taking advantage of Wall's surge and Gortat's last few productive years have been wasted.

If the Wizards DO make the playoffs, it still doesn't guarantee that Durant gives a good, hard look to his hometown team. Making the 8th seed and losing in four or five games to the Cavs or Raptors still won't make him love us as much as he loves OKC.

So maybe it's time for the Wizards to make some moves to work towards 2018-2020 and not towards this summer or 2017 when we are let down.

What do you fellow BF supporters think?

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