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Five sensible trades to the Wizards consider

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As the trade deadline inches closer, the Washington Wizards seem content on maintaining their flexibility for the coming offseason, avoiding guaranteed salaries and expensive rentals for their big free agent pitch this offseason. This shouldn't come as a suprise to Wizards fans, KD2DC is, has been, and will always be the plan and all the browser refreshing in the world will do little to change that. That being said, there are still some deck chairs that can be moved in the meantime, and just like that car your parents gave you when you turned 16, there's certainly some fun to be had kicking the tires on the value play.

Trade #1: DeJuan Blair and a 2nd round pick for Miles Plumlee

Trade Machine 1

My Rating: 1 '07 Honda Accord Coupé out of 5

Just like the Plumlee's, the Accord family is surprisingly large, but the V6 coupe is the sexiest of the bunch and the same can probably be said about Miles. There's no $2 million dollar man on the Wizards roster that the bucks would like, so a second round pick would have to be thrown in to make Milwaukee bite. Pig Plum has been described as a slightly older J.J. Hickson, which might not sound all that enticing, could be quite useful if Nene comes down with another injury. Best-case scenario: Plumlee has a Biyombo-like awakening in Washington. Worst-case scenario: he doesn't.

Trade #2 Kris Humprhies and a 2nd round pick for Mirza Teletovic

trade machine 2

My Rating: 4 '05 Toyota Priuses out of 5

Like the Prius, Teletovic is quiet but has that range, and while he might not be the difference between the NBA Playoffs and the NBA Draft Lottery for the Wizards, he'd bring shooting to a bench unit that desperately needs it. Humphries provides little for the Suns, but a second round pick is nice, and could make a useful tool in a bigger deal.

Trade #3: Jared Dudley and Garrett Temple for Jonas Jerebko

trade machine 3

My Rating: 2 '07 Jeep Libertys out of 5

Jeeps are really cool. Everyone wants one! Stretch 4's are really cool too, but with Jerebko, like the Jeep Liberty, it's hard not to think about the more expensive model. Jerebko's a three-point shooter like the Liberty is an off-road vehicle, but he fits a need, which makes him a useful option for the Wizards. Dudley and Temple provide win-now talent on one-year deals which should be enough to make the Celtics pull the trigger.

Trade #4: Jared Dudley and Gary Neal for Patrick Patterson

trade machine 4

My Rating: 2 '09 Jeep Libertys out of 5

This trade is nearly identical to the one posted above and Patterson and Jerebko are nearly identical statistically, but Patterson is a bit younger, so he's worth a slightly younger econobox.

Trade #5: Otto Porter and Alan Anderson for John Henson

trade machine 5

My Rating: 5 '06 Subaru Forester XTs out of 5

Foresters are weird cars and Henson is a weird player, but I'd like to think cargo space with a turbocharger is as hard to turn down as a rim protector on a cheap contract, so maybe this one deserves a second look. Now things are getting interesting. Zaza Pachulia's trade exception greases the wheels here, and one would have to think that the arrival of Henson would surely mean the departure of Gortat (The Wizards can't keep both if they want to keep the Durant dream alive) but their per 36 numbers are eerily similar, plus Henson is younger and cheaper. Otto, on the other hand will surely be missed, but Oubre will be given the chance to fill the role immediately.