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Kevin Durant gives message to Washington area basketball fans on his free agency

No matter what happens, this area will always be on Durant's mind. But he remains noncommittal on what's ahead this summer.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday, every NBA All-Star player went through the media circuit for this weekend. We talked about how John Wall's Friday went, as well as a couple moments he shared with LeBron James.

But as you know, Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant is expected to be a free agent this summer, and he's from the Washington area. It is not a secret that the Wizards want to make a run at him, and the strategy for this season has backfired, at least in the standings.

Like Wall and the other stars, Durant spoke with the media on his free agency. Chris Miller of CSN Mid-Atlantic asked him if he had a message for D.C. area fans, and here is his response (transcribed by Jake Russell of The Washington Post):

"I’m always going to be a part of [the community]," Durant said. "That’s what made me who I am. I walked those streets. I took that subway down to MCI Center, back when it was MCI Center, to watch the Wizards play and the [WNBA’s] Mystics [play]. I’m always going to be a part of that community no matter what. That’s where I grew up at. That’s where I honed my skills. That’s where I became a man.

"I’m always going to be apart of the community. I always appreciate the support but [the Wizards] have a great team there with a lot of great young players [like John Wall and Bradley Beal]. They’re right in front of you so don’t take them for granted because those guys are future Hall of Famers."

However, while Durant appreciated being wanted by a number of teams, he also stated that he wanted to "finish it out" with Oklahoma City, per Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports.

The Thunder are 40-14 at the All-Star Break and are third place in the Western Conference behind the Golden State Warriors (48-4) and San Antonio Spurs (45-8). Oklahoma City hasn't received a lot of buzz this season because of the Warriors' and Spurs' unprecedented combined starts. Maybe it's just me, but maybe that's how Durant wants to win a championship -- when people overlook him.

At the end of the day, Durant didn't say anything breaking about his free agency plans. Regardless of whatever happens this summer, this is clear. Durant is a Washington area native to the core and will always support our area's local teams as a true fan. Just like the rest of us.