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LeBron James imitates John Wall's dance, celebrates with him in practice

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I wonder what Kyrie Irving thinks about all this.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday is the day when both the NBA's Eastern and Western Conference All-Star teams practice. They're both open for fans to attend, so expect plenty of fan interaction.

At one point during the practice, LeBron James was presented the John Wall All-Star emoji on the jumbotron at Air Canada Centre. He then proceeded to do Wall's famous twist fist. It was ugly (vine by Hardwood Paroxysm's David Vertsberger):

To be fair to LeBron, the twist fist hasn't been in style for like -- five years. But as a refresher, the twist is much slower. It's perfect when you pair it to Troop 41's, "Do the John Wall." It was once the 76th ranked song in the Billboard Hot 100's pop music charts.

If there's some explaining to be had -- both for us and our friends at Fear the Sword -- I think you have to take a look at that photo for this article.

Here it is again.

lebron and wall

Bob Donnan, USA Today Sports

Man, I get that they both have the same agent. But I didn't know they were that close as friends! Or maybe LeBron just knows which team has the better point guard!

But ultimately, let's not get too carried away about whether the two players would play on the same team. But it's good to see that the franchise players of two Eastern Conference rivals are friends indeed.