The Wizards can learn from Stephen Curry to improve Bradley Beal's health

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

If you haven't read this article from ESPN you should. Especially if you are a Wizards fan concerned about Bradley Beal's persistent lower body injuries. I have posted lengthy comments about this in a number of threads, but this article really magnifies the kinds of things that I have been trying to say about Beal and his injuries.

Here's an excerpt from the piece"

"Curry, Lyles believed, was already among the best in the world at changing direction. But the guard overwhelmingly relied on his ankles for speed and quickness. Those body parts appeared to be basketball's take on the mythical wings of Icarus: melting, as if made of wax, from overuse and ambition. But what if Curry could add another way to fly? "Shiftiness is an ankle strategy," Lyles explains, "but power comes from the hips. We wanted to teach Steph how to load his hips to help unload his ankles."

While Beal's ankles are more stable (or at least haven't been shredded like Curry's were) the same "loading" issues that led to Curry's injury issues are those that are leading to Beal's stress-reaction issues. It is all about learning how to run and cut and jump. I have advocated that Beal do more yoga, core strengthening, leg strengthening, and hip strengthening work, and that is exactly what this article points out saved Curry's ankles.

When you watch Beal run, and cut, and jump notice how much his ankles and legs create really awkward angles. His knees "knock" when he cuts and changes direction and, often, when he jumps, and he lands on his heels too often (instead of his toes, which reduces impact overall).

Beal's problems are fixable, but the training staff and Brad have not demonstrated and consistent progression along the lines Curry pursued, which is the orthodox methodology and line-of-thinking for knowledgeable trainers, doctors, and those who study the dynamics of the human body.

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