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Bring the Morris brothers back together in Washington

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Detroit Pistons v Washington Wizards Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Remember when the Morris Brothers, Markieff and Marcus, were on the Suns together? The duo played together on the relatively average Western Conference team between 2012-14, even recording minutes with a younger Marcin Gortat. They were two peas in a pod... until the business of the NBA got in the way of brotherhood.

There have been a handful of notable sibling duos in the league of late: the Gasols, the Lopez(s)?, the Plumlees, the Zellers, maybe even the Griffin brothers, to name a few. Despite some brotherly company, the splitting up of the Morris Brothers, Morrii for all of you grammar police, is something that should be fixed immediately. Funny enough, I know a team in the basement of the East that is definitely in need of some front court TLC.

Until their split in 2014, the Morris boys were practically inseparable. The two were born on the same day, September 2nd, 1989; I’m assuming seconds apart as twins do. Fast forward through their entire childhood and we come to NBA draft day when they were taken with the 13th and 14th picks in the first round after both attending Kansas together.

After playing one year in Houston, Marcus was reunited with Markieff in Phoenix in 2012. This is where it gets interesting. In 2014, the twins signed a joint four-year extension with the Suns worth a total of $52 million. Not that it matters, but the split was $32 mil for Markieff and $20 mil for Marcus. The reason the split didn’t matter all that much was the money was apparently deposited into the same bank account. They had a joint bank account with twelve million dollars deposited into it annually (pre-tax). Let me repeat that. Twelve million dollars and the deposit slip didn’t have a first name on it.

It didn’t matter that Markieff took what some thought could have been upwards of a $38 million pay cut over four years to accommodate his joint deal. It did cause problems when the Suns up and traded Marcus, which is part of the reason Markieff landed in Washington.

In all seriousness though, it’s kind of nice to see a story like this. Sure it’s a little quirky, but anyone can appreciate the camaraderie these two must share both on and off the court.

Really, the Wizards front office should take a peak at the possibility of bringing the brothers back together. On the Wizards, Markieff is actually averaging fewer points than any of his years as a starter with the Suns; all of his numbers have somewhat plateaued. Now on the Pistons, Marcus is actually averaging the most points ever in his career and, perhaps most notably, more points than his brother.

The conclusion here is, the Morrii brothers are prime for being reunited! Phone Booth Nation would get a great package deal, have a replacement for the failed Jason Smith and Andrew Nicholson experiments and bring a little brotherly love to the Nation’s Capital with Mook and Kieff, the bash brothers from North Philly.