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Highlights from John Wall’s career-high 52 point game vs. the Magic

Situations like these are hard because you don’t know quite how to feel when something amazing happens but it’s overcome by something even more dubious.

Don’t get it twisted: John Wall was amazing on Tuesday night. Since 1983, only four players have ever put up a game where they’ve scored 52 points, had at least 8 assists, and at least 3 steals in regulation, according to Basketball-Reference. The other two? Michael Jordan and Steph Curry. I think when you do something only Michael Jordan and Steph Curry have done, you’ve done your part to help your team win a game.

There will be plenty of places to talk about what it says about a team when they need their best player to log 42 minutes on the second night of a back-to-back and it still isn’t even close to enough to win a game at home against a team on the outside of the playoff picture. But for now, just enjoy Wall doing his thing. Stuff like this doesn’t happen very often.