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Need more proof John Wall is tough? He has a tattoo in his armpit.

Jake’s Takes is weekly feature where Jake offers his takes on what’s going on with the Wizards and the rest of the world. Some of the takes are serious, some are ... not so much.

Folks, call me old-fashioned, but if you’re like me you’re starting to wonder why we still have Instagram. Back in my day, if I wanted to see what you looked like, I’d just go over to your house and knock on the door. But alas, kids these days like to post pictures of themselves on social media, and John Wall posted a doozy on Saturday morning after the Wizards’ win over Atlanta.

5 Alive to it's perfection you see it !! #5Deep #WallWay #BYB #NeverSatisfiedSoDetermined

A photo posted by johnwall (@johnwall) on

That might look like an innocent photo of Wall celebrating a shot at first, but look closer. Specifically, take a close look at his armpit area. It’s okay to lean in, Instagram doesn’t record smells.

Now, some might say that tattoo stinks, but I say don’t stress the small stuff. The man is clearly trying to show his commitment to “#5Deep” his group of friends from his childhood days in Raleigh. In life, you need people who are with you all the way.

And when it comes to his place with the Wizards, this is a great sign that give fans protection for every OMG moment that comes up over the next few years. Surely a man who can be this loyal to the people he grew up with will show the same loyalty to the only franchise he’s every played for in his career.

Wizards fans just want that superior, long-lasting, all-day protection for this relationship and he’s delivering it here. It’s almost like Wizards fans are asking “Will you ride this out with us? Raise you’re hand if you’re sure.” Wall is taking the worry out of being close to the end of his contract. Wall just wants to keep it clear, he isn’t going anywhere.

In the past, other people have argued Wall’s tattoos might be a sign of weakness, but to me, this is a sign of true toughness. It’s a way for Wall to show people he cares, and care makes a man stronger.