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D.C. sports fans win all three major food promotions with Wizards’ win over the Kings

It just doesn’t happen often when you win discounted McGriddles, Chick-fil-A, and Papa John’s Pizza, all on the same night.

PANDORA Discovery Den SXSW Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Pandora

The Wizards won 101-95 over the Kings on Monday. The win helps them in the NBA standings, but it also gives D.C. area sports fans a trifecta of discounted food options. Here’s what happened:

  • Washington led in the first quarter, 25-19 to get D.C. area sports fans a free McGriddles sandwich from McDonald’s with a beverage purchase, provided you have the company’s mobile app. A small drink at McDonald’s is a buck, so getting a sandwich made of two maple syrup-filled pancakes and sausage for just a dollar is a great deal to me!
  • DeMarcus Cousins missed two consecutive free throws in overtime to give attendees a free Chick Fil-A sandwich if you have a ticket to the game. Those lines at Chick Fil-A are often long during lunch hour. You always feel like you scored a win when you buy a Chick Fil-A sandwich. It’s even better when you get it for free!
  • The Wizards scored over 100 points so D.C. area sports fans get 50 percent off regularly priced pizza at Papa John’s with the #WIZ50 online code. It’s a great way for you to share your Wizards fandom with your family and friends without breaking your budget during dinner time! That’s an exclamation mark for all D.C. area sports fans who love getting discounted food!

Now, why I am I making note of this? The main reason why is because it’s rare to see all of these things happen in the same game. If this were baseball, it’s as close to hitting for the cycle as you can get. Of the three elements needed for a “Wizards food trifecta,” the hardest step is for an opposing player to miss two consecutive free throws. It’s mainly because that step isn’t directly in the Wizards control.

So on Tuesday, November 29, let’s go out and have some deeply discounted food thanks to the Wizards, especially if you have one of the 12,571 coupons for a free Chick Fil-A sandwich. Sure, you can wait until next Monday to redeem it, but again, a trifecta like this just doesn’t happen very often.