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Podcast: The Wizards’ bench issues and if there’s still hope for this season

In this episode, Alan Jenkins and Jake Whitacre discuss the Wizards’ 3-8 start and why they’ve gotten off to such a slow start. Specifically, they take a look at the following areas:

  • What went wrong in the Wizards’ disastrous loss to the 76ers on Wednesday.
  • Why the bench has been so bad this season, particularly Jason Smith, Kelly Oubre, and Trey Burke.
  • How Ian Mahinmi can help fix some of the team’s issues.
  • How the Wizards’ pursuit of Kevin Durant and Al Horford put them in a position to
  • Why Sheldon McClellan should continue to get minutes even now that Bradley Beal has returned to the lineup.
  • Why the Wizards don’t have the pieces to go after DeMarcus Cousins.
  • Where the team goes from here.

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Also, if you missed it earlier today, Jake broke down why Ernie Grunfeld’s time under Ted Leonsis looks a lot like his time under Abe Pollin:

Comparing two eras and taking your Wiz questions

Posted by Bullets Forever on Friday, November 18, 2016