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Marcin Gortat reaches out to young Wizards fan with an apology

The young fan leaves Wells Fargo Center happy after all.

via @AGA1980 on Twitter

By now, you’ve seen the picture of the young Wizards fan who went to Wells Fargo Center, only to see his team lose 109-102 to the Philadelphia 76ers.

It’s pretty depressing. The poor young man was crying, Mom was also quite dejected, and Dad couldn’t hold his face up high watching the Wizards slump to a 2-8 record. I don’t even blame them.

After the game, Marcin Gortat reached out and apologized to the boy via Twitter. At this point we learned that the young fan and his parents were apparently from Poland:

Soon enough, we saw more pictures of the family. We also learned that the boy, whose name is Kevinek was okay. Gortat even replied back too.

Based on Google Translate and with context, the tweet said in Polish that Kevinek wiped his tears and wanted to show Gortat the sign that was pictured above. Better yet, he is smiling and holding a sign with his mom.

Whether Kevinek was happy to see Gortat’s tweet or was comforted by his parents that “things will be okay” is up in the air. Regardless, MG13 himself responded:

With Google Translate and context, Gortat apologized and said “Next time, things will be better.” The family, presumably Kevinek’s responded:

Based on Google Translate, this tweet said “You have nothing to apologize about. It’s the Wizards, not just you. Thank you for your kind words to Kevinek - I handed him (or I told him).”

Wednesday’s loss was bad alright and one boy’s sadness represented the entire Wizards fanbase. But it’s a good thing to see that Gortat got wind of this and responded to the family through social media, if not directly.

So in that spirit, here’s hoping that the Wizards can turn a corner on Thursday night against the New York Knicks.