Four Observations on the 76ers game from behind the Wizards bench

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, I sat three rows behind the Wizards bench with my son which was really cool. Here are some takeaways from being so close to the bench.

1. Philly fans are quite vulgar. Rarely have I seen such filth come out of human mouths. My kid is 9 years old. It was almost worth leaving but I paid so much for the tickets. They also have zero basketball sense. I wish our fans were more passionate but I've never been embarrassed to have my kid at the Phone Booth.

2. I wanted to hear Scott Brooks in timeouts but I couldn't quite make out much. He got completely out coached by Brett Brown who when he saw no John Wall or Tomas Satoransky full pressed a few possessions, etc. Brown made adjustments all night. Brooks did nothing. It truly felt like he was just throwing guys out there with no strategy behind it.

3. Marcus Thornton is a selfish ball hog who should never play. Andrew Nicholson played hard but he just isn't good. He can't match up well inside and has no real skill. Jason Smith is worse. I mean, Daniel Ochefu, the kid from Villanova can't be worse than Smith, but it was embarrassing watching him. The Wizards bench is really sad. Why we sat Wall for so long is puzzling. Sato needs to play starter's minutes. And I would never put Thornton in. He kills the offense's flow and he doesn't defend. Sato and Sheldon McClellan are all we have right now on the bench.

4. I'll finish this on a positive note. The good news is that we really do have a great young core. Wall, Otto Porter, and Markieff Morris can flat out ball. Add Bradley Beal to the mix and we have a very strong core of four young guys to build with. I hadn't seen Otto from up close since last year he is a really good player. Now, it took a while but Bullets fans I'm telling you -- we have something to work with. There just isn't much else on this roster. Sato and Marcin Gortat would be really good second team guys but nobody else is truly NBA quality. The future is bright, though. If we add some bench pieces and get a legit big with our lottery pick we will back in playoffs in 2018, not far away from truly contending.

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