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2016-17 Community Guidelines: Refreshed GameThread procedures

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Here’s how we’re going to dish out GameThreads and more.

Wizard Girls pose for the camera. Stewart W. Small

So, the preseason begins this week! I also wanted to announce a change on how we’ll do GameThreads this season, as well as remind you on what hasn’t change.

What has changed: The number of GameThreads per game

Last season, we made some changes on the number of GameThreads done per game. They included:

  • A first half GameThread
  • A second half GameThread
  • A postgame reaction thread

The rationale behind three GameThreads for each game was because it kept commenting loading times down, especially when users post GIF’s in reaction to a highlight play or an outcome of a game. Also, it was a more desirable outcome than setting up rules that prohibit that. After all, who needs more rules?

Anyway, this season, we’re going to do away with the second half GameThread and postgame reaction thread for every game. Comment numbers can fluctuate from one game to the next, depending on how well the Wizards are playing, time of day, holidays, you name it. Also, SB Nation has been gradually moving toward a new interface which will lower comment loading times.

That said, I still have the right to create a second GameThread which includes, but isn’t limited to, the following situations:

  • We regularly hit over 1,000 comments in a half.
  • A game heads into overtime or multiple overtimes. When games hit overtime, web traffic and commenting rates increase.

What hasn’t changed: SB Nation Community Guidelines

Last summer, SB Nation standardized its community guidelines across all sites. You can read the guidelines here. In short, they give 11 things that our sites frown upon. To be honest, they are common sense guidelines that go along these lines: Talk on this site like you would in public with your friends, and don’t say anything that makes you look bad in public.

I took this a step further by interpreting those 11 things within the context of our blog last summer as well.

I’ll also talk briefly on Mystics coverage during the offseason — which just happens to be during Wizards season.

Though they play during the summer, we will still post some major offseason news and analysis during the winter. With the exception of big storylines, like a major trade, the draft, or something involving a key player (for example, Belgium’s quest for EuroBasket Women 2017 is a major storyline for the Mystics — but isn’t for the WNBA as a whole), most team-based analysis will probably not be on our cover with the Wizards playing games every other day. That said, all content will remain in our Mystics hub. We have a Q&A on that as well.

Hopefully all of these things should give you a clearer understanding on our moderation.

Any questions?

Feel free to ask here. Thanks for reading, and happy commenting during the 2016-17 Wizards season!