Waivers additions

I don't know if the decision to carry 15 players has absolutely prohibited us from entering the NBA waiver market, I would assume not since the three undrafted rookies still have unguaranteed deals. I doubt it's likely either way, but If we do make a play in waivers there are some pretty good players out there.

RJ Hunter - 23yo, one year with the Celtics. Mediocre athlete but ideal length for the 2 guard position and has a scorers mentality off the bench. Hasn't shot well yet but there are indicators (mechanics, ft%) this could be a strength.

Archie Goodwin - 22yo, 3 years with Phx. Elite athlete who plays some 1 and 2, although does not shoot the ball well (22.7 career 3pt%). Averaged 9ppg last year in under 20 mins off the bench.

Jarret Jack - 32yo. Injured and likely to miss most of November.

Markel Brown - 24yo, 2 years with Brooklyn. Elite athlete but an undersized SG, not a lot of offensive skill but well regarded as an on the ball defender.

Shawn Dawson - 22 yo. A favorite of some from Wiz summer league

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