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Send us questions for this week’s Facebook Live

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NBA: Preseason-Washington Wizards at Cleveland Cavaliers Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: You can watch this week’s broadcast here.

Taking your questions about the Wizards while watching Wall vs. Kyrie with no extra All-Stars.

Bullets Forever 貼上了 2016年10月21日

Howdy folks, if you follow us on Facebook, you may have noticed we’ve started doing Facebook Live sessions, where we answer your burning questions about the Wizards, much like we did at times with the Bullets Forever Podcast over the summer. If you missed them, you can watch our first two broadcasts here and here.

So why are we doing this? Well, because it’s an easy way to keep in touch with everyone and try to tackle some questions we may not have discussed over the week and you can interact with us in real time, instead of waiting for us to post audio from a podcast. Also, it allows us to focus our podcasts (which we’ll still do from time to time during the season) on topics that have more of a shelf life so you can still enjoy them even if you catch it a week late

So anyways, our goal is to a Facebook Live each Friday morning (usually around 10 am EST) where you can ask us stuff. But since you can’t actually ask us questions until we start the broadcast, here’s your opportunity to get the ball rolling by asking some questions now.

And don’t worry if you miss the broadcast, we’ll embed it here so you can catch up over the weekend.