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Andrew Nicholson continued his preseason tear with a 19 point, 8 rebound performance vs. Cleveland

Andrew Nicholson got off to a slow start in the preseason. Through the first three games, he only had 15 points on 16 shots and was 1-5 on threes.

Since then, things have improved dramatically. He’s scored 49 points over his last three outings, including 19 in Tuesday’s game against the Cavaliers. He also chipped in 8 rebounds and a pair of steals for good measure.

Better yet, Nicholson isn’t just capitalizing on more playing time. Even though he’s had to play more due to Ian Mahinmi and Jason Smith’s injuries, it isn’t hurting his efficiency. He got those 49 points on just 30 field goal attempts. He only needed 8 shot attempts to get to 19 points against Cleveland.

As you can see in the highlights, Nicholson showed a little bit of everything in those eight shot attempts last night. He hit a three, made some nice moves in the low-post, and did good work in the pick-and-roll game. He did all the things you need to do to be an effective scorer at the power forward position in the modern NBA.

Can he keep up the blazing pace he’s set over the last three games? No, but at the same time, his recent performance has shown he’s a lot better than what we saw in the early going. Even when his shot isn’t falling, his versatility as a scorer is going to make it hard for defenses to keep him from making an impact.