Three questions on the Wizards' off and preseason

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Hi, we go by Chewinstraws and Ethan. We are lifelong Wizards fans from the DMV area. We spend so much time talking about the Wizards and basketball in general, that we figured transcribing some of those conversations would be worthwhile. We hope you enjoy!


1. What Additions To The Roster Are You Most Excited For?

Chewinstraws: Out of the new additions, the big name is obviously Tomas Satoransky. But I'll mix it up and say Trey Burke. Almost every year with Wall, backup pg has been a question mark at some point (I think every year except for last year off the top of my head).

Ethan: Burke has big shoes to fill. Ramon Sessions was the first competent backup point guard for the Wizards since ... Antonio Daniels? Having said that I think he's going to be a good third guard if he can discipline his offense.

I'm also very excited about Ian Mahinmi, I think having a defensive anchor coming off the bench will be huge (just look at how big Biyombo was in spurts for Toronto)

C: I was just thinking the same thing, he's the best we've had since Daniels. Obviously, we didn't love him like we loved Andre Miller, but he was great. I'm more concerned than optimistic about Mahinmi, to be honest. He and Gortat just don't seem to fit. I think at some point we're gonna see Gortat get traded, even though I love the guy. I think something that anyone isn't talking about is what the rotation at the 4 is gonna look like. What'd you think of Markieff Morris last season?

E: I think Morris fits perfectly with Gortat and Mahinmi. He can grab boards and (somewhat) protect the rim in a way Marcin can't, and he can score in a way Ian can't. I see potential for sticking Otto Porter with some minutes at the 4, but other than that, you're right, it looks bleak.

As far as the Gortat/Mahinmi deal, I don't see it as much of a problem. I'd rather have 2 real centers than none

C: I somewhat agree with you on Morris. I liked flashes of what we saw, but his consistency and tendency to be a ball stopper on offense don't help. I can't really speak on Nicholson or Smith to be honest. How do you split minutes between Marc and Ian though? They both make waaaaay too much to only play 24 mins a game.

And with Otto, I'd only be comfortable with moving him out to the 4 as a reaction to the other team going with a similar player at the 4. I don't think Brooks can just say "oh well they have a normal 4 out there, we can make em pay by putting Otto there" because, in the past at least, he hasn't been enough of an offensive weapon for it to be a mismatch in his favor.

E: In my defense, I 100% forgot Andrew Nicholson, and Jason Smith existed, much less signed with us this summer. Throw my Otto argument out the window. Nicholson and Smith are both very solid, and I feel like we'll be playing with the rotation to see what works, but, again, I'd rather have more options than less.

It's possible that Gortat and Mahinmi won't be able to split minutes properly, you're right. At least for now, I want to live in a world where the Wizards have no problems. Talk to me in a month about that.

C: That's true. Hopefully one of them carves out a role for themselves.

2. Who Do You See Starting at Small Forward?

C: Very tough question. I mostly liked Otto there last year, but I'm pretty intrigued by the thought of sticking Kelly Oubre there. Thoughts of him starting are very speculative (and unfair to Otto) because he simply hasn't proven anything. Does it make more sense to start Otto because Oubre would be more comfortable being a go-to scorer amongst the second unit than Otto, who isn't a guy who will force the issue on offense (for better or worse, for both guys)?

E: I totally agree, and I think a lot of this is contingent on Beal. If he can show flashes of being able to put up 18-20+ a game, I like Otto starting better. Reason being, if Oubre is in the game, he's going to want to score, and could create issues on offense. At least with Otto we know he will grab boards, occasionally score in transition, play solid defense, and hit the occasional corner three. Also wouldn't surprise me if we saw Tomas at the 3 more often than not if he shows efficiency on offense.

All this being said I love the potential for how defensively capable our second unit could be.

C: You know what, you're actually right about Otto vs. Oubre in the starting lineup. That's a good point. I am reluctant to say anything about Sato, I hope for the best but I don't wanna make any predictions about him and his role. I think defensively the second unit has to be at least decent right? Isn't that why we signed Mahinmi?

3. Where Do You See the Wizards Competitively?

C: In terms of competitively...I think we're a playoff team if Wall and Beal can stay healthy. With that being said, probably a 5-8 seed. What do you think? It's kind of crazy that it feels like there's been so much turnover...but the roster isn't necessarily better on paper.

E: The eastern conference scares me this year more than it did last year. Most of the teams who made the playoffs last year are almost certain to repeat (possibly not Charlotte and Miami), and there are teams like the Magic, Bulls (still processing the fact that they weren't in the playoffs?), Bucks, and Knicks who all look to be competitive, while we arguably stagnated or got worse on paper.

That being said, with a roster with a lot of new additions, and hopefully, a play-style that doesn't pathetically try to manufacture small-ball, I'm extremely excited to see how we fare. I think there are a lot of unknowns and that is both exciting and daunting.

C: Out of all those teams mentioned, the only one that on paper I can see in the playoffs is the Knicks, but with injuries, I don't wanna make any predictions

I definitely agree on the exciting and daunting part. We won 41 last year, we can win 45 if healthy.

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