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Tomas Satoransky to sign contract extension with F.C. Barcelona, according to report

The chances of him playing for the Wizards or any NBA team next season are lower for next season, but you can't blame him as to why.

Tomas Satoranksy (L) may very well stay in La Liga longer than we originally expected.
Tomas Satoranksy (L) may very well stay in La Liga longer than we originally expected.
Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

According to Javier Maestro of Encestado.ES, Tomas Satoransky is expected to sign a contract extension (article in Spanish) with F.C. Barcelona of La Liga Endesa and the FIBA EuroLeague. His current contract with Barcelona expires this season.

The contract extension is for two years, but will include a buyout clause should he choose to go to the NBA, where the Wizards hold his draft rights. His current contract included NBA buyout clauses that are about €2,000,000 (or a little less than $2.2 million) and the extension will also include such clause with a figure in the same range.

What does this mean? It's simply a move that Satoransky is making in order to ensure the security of his professional career, whether it's in the NBA or in La Liga Endesa.

Let's assess Satoransky's situation with Barcelona. They are currently 13-1 and second place in La Liga Endesa and have just started Stage Play in EuroLeague after making the Quarterfinals last season. He is the team's leading assister in both leagues. The bottom line is that he is one of their most important contributors to one of Europe's top professional basketball teams. He knows Barcelona will pay him well to keep him there.

As for the NBA, like Maestro wrote in the Encestado article, Satoransky would be a backup to John Wall and an extended-Bradley Beal for the 2016-17 season if he were to play here. He's not going to receive as much playing time in Washington as he would in Barcelona. But that's not all.

Though the salary cap is expected to increase significantly in 2016, it is expected to increase once again in 2017 because of the league's new television deal taking effect. These cap increases will allow Satoransky to sign his NBA rookie contract for perhaps considerably more than he could in 2016. Since he is a second round draft pick, Satoransky could sign for a salary much higher than the minimum level.

Ultimately, the news of this extension doesn't help the chances that Satoransky will play in Washington for the 2016-17 season. However, if he waits until 2017-18 to get into the NBA while continuing his level of play in Barcelona, Satoransky could earn a bigger day, and perhaps, a bigger role.

We will keep you informed and update this post as we learn more.