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Who did I pick for one-day Fantasy for January 8, 2016?

For this week's fantasy post, I'll share you a lineup for a league I entered. Wish me luck.

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Sometimes, it's easier for me to just share you who I chose for a one-day fantasy league and give a rationale why I picked each player. Today, let's do just that.

PG: Russell Westbrook, Thunder - The December 2015 Western Conference co-player of the Month is leading all point guards in fantasy points per game AND he's playing one of the Western Conference's worst teams.

PG: Ricky Rubio, Timberwolves - Rubio has scored at least 26 fantasy points per game in each of his last seven games. He averages 31.1 points per game and only takes a $7,500 cap hit.

SG: Evan Fournier, Magic - Fournier averages nearly 23 fantasy points a gem and can easily erupt for 30 or more fantasy points. Since the Magic will play the Nets Friday, good chance he'll score more than that.

SG: Gerald Green, Heat - Green has scored in double figures in  four straight points for fantasy points. Green will play a higher octane offense in the Suns, so he should have more opportunities to score more than 16 points tonight. He's also a low risk - good bang for your buck at just $3,800.

SF: Otto Porter, Wizards - Porter averages 25 fantasy points a game. He has scored in double figures for each of his six games since returning from injury. He has stolen the ball at least once in five of his last six games -- and grabbed two steals or more in five of those six games.

SF: Harrison Barnes, Warriors - Barnes is back for just his third game since missing 16 games due to a high left ankle sprain. He is bound for a big performance. A match against the lower-ranked Trail Blazers may help do the trick.

PF: Draymond Green, Warriors - Green is as versatile as anyone in the NBA statistically. Sure, he isn't the scorer that Stephen Curry is. But he is among the NBA's best in rebounding, assisting, blocking, and stealing at the power forward. The fact that he can contribute in all of these areas makes him one of the best players in fantasy basketball.

PF: Tristan Thompson, Cavaliers - Thompson has scored at least 16 fantasy points in each of his last ten games. At a cap hit of $4,600, he is a must pick.

C: Marcin Gortat, Wizards - Gortat has scored at least 27 fantasy points in each of his last ten games. He's a reliable option game in, and game out for his $6,900 cap hit.