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John Wall still 5th in third round of 2016 NBA All Star Game ballot returns

Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

UPDATE: Nothing changed in the third round of voting, so there's really no need to write this post from last week again.

If you were hoping John Wall's recent award-winning month would help him move up in NBA All Star balloting, you clearly haven't paid attention to how NBA All Star voting works. The NBA released a new update on All Star voting counts, and Wall is still in 5th place among Eastern guards:

While it's disappointing Wall didn't move up, it's hardly surprising. Wade is Wade, regardless of how you feel about Kyrie Irving, he certainly helped his case with Wednesday's win over Wall and the Wizards, Kyle Lowry is a big part of Toronto's success this season, and Jimmy Butler is having a monster year for the Bulls. You can make an argument for why Wall is better than each of those guys, but you can also understand why the masses would go the other direction.

So Wall probably isn't going to repeat as a starter at the All Star Game this year. We have to accept that at this point. Odds are, he should still make the team as a coach's selection, but if he doesn't at least he'll get some needed rest, and come back motivated for the second half of the season. If nothing else, getting upset about an All Star snub is a more legitimate way of feeling disrespected than getting upset at a in-game video a team made to drum up support for their star player.