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FanDuel: Remember that raw production, not efficiency, is key to team selection

One quick reminder on FanDuel.

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In the late 1990's and early 2000's, I remembered seeing the NBA as a "create-your-shot league," especially with swingmen. Players like Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady, Vince Carter, and Paul Pierce among others were quite good at isolation shots with their combined dribbling and shooting skills.

Today, the NBA practically shuns that style of basketball. Teams like the Golden State Warriors especially show that three-pointers and ball-movement are key toward a championship, at least in today's era. They value efficiency over one on five highlights, even if Stephen Curry is a crossover master.

In many traditional fantasy leagues, efficiency matters. You don't want a ton of guards who are shooting just 37 percent from the field, even if they are averaging a lot of points. It isn't that way in FanDuel at all.

Again, let's look at the scoring system:

Statistic Fantasy Points
3 Pointer 3
2 pointer 2
Free Throw Made 1
Rebound 1.2
Assist 1.5
Blocked Shot 2
Steal 2
Turnover -1

The moral of the story here is this. It's more important to select players who are going to put up any statistic for you. As long as they aren't turning the ball over ad nauseum, a prototype Wizards Killer combo guard like a Lou Williams or Jamal Crawford in recent seasons is never a bad option in your nine-man one-day fantasy basketball lineup.