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Zach Lowe and Brian Windhorst talk Wizards: Coaching, potential trades, and more

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

In his Tuesday podcast, Zach Lowe had Brian Windhorst on to talk about a variety of topics, including the Cavaliers firing David Blatt, Blake Griffin breaking his hand, and what teams should or shouldn't make big moves at the trade deadline. Around the 54:30 mark, they began discussing the Wizards, with Lowe remarking on how he feels the Wizards' terrible season has gone a little under the radar.

Windhorst said that he spent time with the team earlier in the season (for the Cleveland win and Lakers loss, arguably the highest and lowest moments of the season), but didn't write about it because he didn't feel like he had a good read on what was going on with the team.

When asked by Lowe if he thought the Wizards would make a significant move at the trade deadline, Windhorst emphasized that Ted Leonsis valued stability. He also said that many in the Wizards' organization felt that they still hadn't really gotten to see the team they built in the offseason, with Alan Anderson and Bradley Beal losing so much of the season to injury.

The most interesting (and troubling) part of the conversation happened when coaching came up. Here's what Brian Windhorst had to say about the coaching situation:

If you look at their coaching bench, they don't really have anybody who is a natural fit to step in there. I've heard from other people in the league who describe it as one of the weakest coaching staffs in the league. Fair or not fair, that's what people have said.

It's unclear who, or how many people Windhorst is referring to, but if this is a widely-held belief within the league it is very concerning. Not everyone can hit a home run with a Steve Kerr-like hire, but one would hope a coaching staff considered to be one of the worst wouldn't have the long tenure of Wittman and his staff. Windhorst did express the opinion that, barring something crazy happening, Wittman's team option would not be picked up for the 2016-2017 season. Windhorst and Lowe didn't speculate on who might take Wittman's place, but Albert Lee has some suggestions here.

The whole podcast is well-worth listening to. Lowe and Windhorst discuss the ripple effect that the Warriors are having on the rest of the league, and what they might mean for blockbuster trade deals. Of course, the only player Lowe suggests as a potential target for the Wizards is Ryan Anderson. I guess it's just that kind of season.