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Wizards vs. Celtics preview: Washington to finish homestand against Boston on Monday

The homestand begins and ends with Boston for now.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Wizards, fresh off a Wednesday win against the Miami Heat and a snowday last Saturday will play the Boston Celtics on Monday. The Wizards are not practicing today but will have shootaround Monday morning, according to Jorge Castillo of the Washington Post:

If you are hoping for a second Wizards game to be postponed, that will probably not happen. The game will be played, even if there are no fans, and even if Metro service is limited to underground stations:

The Celtics are in Philadelphia, where they will play the 76ers in a road game tonight at 7 p.m. ET. And besides, the Wizards game is still over 24 hours away.

Oh yeah, I didn't forget. The Wizards wanted to let you know that this game's still a go, so long as the Celtics can safely travel to D.C. from Philly later tonight.

UPDATE: It's official: We've got a game tonight.

Date, Time, and broadcasting options

The game is on Monday, January 25, 2016 at Verizon Center. In the D.C. and Boston areas, tune to Comcast SportsNet. You'll just have different broadcasting teams. For radio, the game is on 99.1 FM in the D.C. area, 98.5 FM The Sports Hub in the Boston area.

If you don't live in either market, watch or listen to the game on NBA League Pass.

Injury Report

For the Wizards, Drew Gooden (calf), Kris Humphries (knee), and Otto Porter (hip) are all considered game time decisions. Alan Anderson is still nursing his ankle, but may be back in February sometime.

For the Celtics, Jae Crowder was ill over the weekend, but he should be good to go vs. Philadelphia tonight and the same goes for Monday.

I have tickets for the game and can't go. What do I do?

Monumental Sports has allowed fans to exchange a ticket for a game hampered by inclement weather for another select game in the past. We haven't received information on that just yet, but will forward that information to you when we get it.

Wizards Killer of the Night: The Wizards in snowday mode

It has been five days since the Wizards last played a game.

For me, I ate a good amount of junk food, watched television, and blogged about random basketball thing-ees during my snowy Saturday and I spent today cleaning 30 inches of snow off the driveway. I'll get back to it after finishing this preview.

The Wizards, like us, are people. (I get this sound so cliché but it's true.) They get as excited or worried about the weather as much as we do. And like us, they had to spend Saturday watching the snow fall like there's no tomorrow.

Unanticipated breaks like snow days are always welcome. Even Ted Leonsis likes them!

Unless you're one of the hard-working men and women who are cleaning our roads to get us back to normal again, who doesn't rejoice when we don't have to be in the office because of some snowflakes?

But eventually, the real world returns. We have to go back to work or school. And when we do, we're still kind of in that break mode. The Wizards, like us, will also feel that way during practice tomorrow. Sure, everyone will be glad to be back into a normal routine again, but the lazy snowday mode may still linger for a bit. Hopefully, it won't be to the point where Washington gets swept in the regular season by Boston.