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Share with us your best snow pictures during the 2016 Blizzard!

Because there isn't anything to do right now besides watch the snow.

Caleb Calhoun-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Saturday everyone! The Blizzard, known as Snowzilla to Capital Weather Gang readers or Winter Storm Jonas to to some other outlets like The Weather Channel, is hitting the entire Mid-Atlantic United States hard. In the Washington area alone, we could end up with one of the Top-five storms in Washington, D.C. recorded history when the storm pushes out tomorrow early morning.

But that gives us an idea.

Whether you're seeing well over a foot of snow in D.C. on your table,

or seeing the snow pile up in Prince George's County, Maryland,

seeing white out conditions in Loudoun County,

even worse in Winchester, Virginia,

live elsewhere where it's snowing,

or want to brag about how things are like where you live,

share us your snow pics! We'll share some of our favorites on this page, share them on Facebook and Twitter too.

Stay safe everyone!

UPDATE on January 23, 2016 at 12 p.m. ET

Let's start this update with some Capitals' pictures. Caps center Brooks Laich compared it to a "Canadian morning."

A Canadian morning in DC!

A video posted by Brooks Laich (@brookslaich) on

And fans also like re-enacting the Winter Classic with Bobbleheads:

Meanwhile on a Wizards-related not, Bradley Beal's alter-ego is having as great of a time, like all the rest of the kids are!

Update at 5:25 p.m. ET

More bobbleheads,

and the Wizards trolled the National Zoo!

As we mentioned previously, this storm is hitting an entire region of the United States, not just the Washingotn area.

Our own L.W., who goes to school in Atlanta, would like to show you what gets Emory University cancelled. Yes, they also got a glancing blow of the storm that is still hammering the D.C. area right now.

I know people from the north give Washington a bad rep for handling snow. But if school around our area was cancelled for a few snowflakes, there will be some complaints.

To be fair to Atlanta, the area only receives an average of 2.9 inches of snow a year, far below the 14.5 inches a year Washington gets. Armies of snow plow trucks, piles of sand and mountains of salt just aren't needed as much. Therefore, when an inch of snow falls -- sometimes even less than that -- things can look like this.

Hopefully, that puts a little perspective to those who wonder why a school, university or government would close over "a few snowflakes."

Update at 9:30 p.m. ET

Glad to see that you're staying safe out there, Rook.