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John Wall had a dazzling highlight reel in his 24 point, 13 assist performance vs. Magic

Sometimes, when you're the best player on the court and you that you're the best player on the court, you can be your own worst enemy. In the first five minutes of Friday's game, Wall wasn't quite himself as he tried to figure out how to exploit his mismatch against the Magic, and was the first player Randy Wittman subbed out in the first quarter.

But when Wall re-entered the game, it was pretty clear he had made the right mental adjustments to take advantage of the Magic, and from that point, he was a handful. Wall has had other 20 & 10 performance this season, and he's had better performances if you're just looking at total output, but this was probably Wall's best game at just asserting his dominance over a game in all aspects.

He denied Victor Oladipo's up-and-under movehe blew past people in transitionhe blew past people in half-courthe crossed people up, and put the game away with this beautiful drive to draw a goaltending call from Aaron Gordon:

I'm not sure what John Wall's New Year's Resolution was, but hopefully he sticks to it.