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Wizards vs. Magic postgame video, links, and roll call

Let's review a highlight-filled Friday.

The Wizards won 103-91 over the Magic on New Year's Day Friday. John Wall as AMAZING as he scored 24 points and dished 13 assists. Otto Porter added 20 points and 11 rebounds while Marcin Gortat scored 10 points and grabbed 14 more rebounds. The Magic were led by Victor Oladipo who scored 20 points and dished five assists off the bench.

Let's get to some links, roll call, food specials, and pancakes.

Postgame video

Randy Wittman's presser is embedded above. Other players' videos are linked below:


Here's the recap roll:

Drew Gooden returned to action on Friday where he played four minutes and committed four fouls. However, he re-injured his calf and left in the third quarter. Gooden will receive an MRI on Saturday, according to Jorge Castillo of The Washington Post. Fortunately, the man himself is optimistic about things:

"I don’t think it’s back to square one," Gooden said. "But I don’t know. We’ll know see what happens with the MRI tomorrow. But it’s nowhere near as bad as square one, though."

On a brighter note, we need to share some highlights, most notably with John Wall. In the first half, he performed a hesitation dribble which led to a nice dunk in traffic. In the closing minutes of the game, he crossed over Evan Fournier and made a subsequent jump shot.

Roll Call

40 users commented 570 times in our first halfsecond half, and postgame threads as of 1:45 a.m. on January 2, 2016. Here's how you did.

# Commenter # Comments
1 Hands11 87
2 NatP 59
3 TheBackCourt 41
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5 SmileyAllMighty 31
6 WhyKnotUs 29
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8 elliotlevy2 29
9 Hector12 24
10 wizardsfan2139 24
11 batmanwithprep 19
12 Big Spoon 19
13 little stevie colter 16
14 Wall_Hopeful 12
15 rvWizPH 10
16 ovechkinsgoal 9
17 Nolan Howell 9
18 ChilllDuice 9
19 Hypemaster 9
20 MisterWu 8
21 DCrez 6
22 BEALiever 6
23 jayxelo 5
24 MC-Sneaks 4
25 .hambonejackson 4
26 BackScreenLob 3
27 djnnnou 3
28 WizardsFan 3
29 richkam14 3
30 Albert Lee 3
31 ATrueNigerian 3
32 LRJ 3
33 Robert Flom 2
34 DCPerspective 2
35 Safety Chuck 1
36 yop32 1
37 ThatOneGuyCpr 1
38 Jake Whitacre 1
39 FalconNik 1
40 bartek.biadasiewicz 1

Notable Comments


comment 2

Saturday Food Specials

The Wizards led 24-21 after the first quarter, so you will get a free Egg McMuffin with your McDonald's mobile app. You will also get 50 percent off your pizzas at Papa John's with an online order with the magical #WIZ50 code because Otto Porter did this:

Pancake Spotlight: Blini

The blini is from Russia. They are thinner than their American buttermilk counterparts and not unlike crepes. You can eat them with sweet fillings or sour cream.

Blini's are especially popular during Maslenitsa, which is during the last week before the Great Lent, a major fasting period in the Eastern Orthodox Church. In 2016, Maslenitsa will be on February 16 to 22.

Another cool thing about Maslenitsa: It is also known as Crepe Week, a fitting name given the title of this section.

Below is a recipe via AllasYummyFood's YouTube channel so you can make it during Maslenitsa, or any time you want.

That's all I have. Enjoy your Saturdays everyone.