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Watch John Wall break Evan Fournier's ankles and drain a pull up jumper

Because the highlight video of his dunk in the first half wasn't all he did on New Year's Day.

MAN! John Wall had a great game on New Year's Day Friday when he scored 24 points and dished 13 assists in a 103-91 win over the Orlando Magic. He made a couple beautiful dunks in the first half which got the Verizon Center crowd on its feet.

But that's not all he had in store.

The Wizards pretty much had the game in hand in the fourth quarter. But with less than 3:30 left in the game, Wall performed a crossover that caused his defender, Evan Fournier to lose balance for a split moment.

At that time, Wall pulled up for a jump shot ... and swish! The pull-up jump shot is really becoming a strength for him in the last few seasons. The video of the play is embedded above via NBAClip's YouTube channel.

If you want more takes of this move, here's one.

Man, I love seeing ankle-breaking crossovers.