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John Calipari wears John Wall jersey in his #NBAVote video

It means something when a college basketball coach wears a Wizards jersey and NEVER TAKES IT OFF!

The Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball program has more active NBA players than any other NCAA program this season.

Since head coach John Calipari took over in 2009, the Wildcats have produced a high number of NBA Draft Lottery picks. Three of them have been the first overall picks in the draft: Our own John Wall in 2010, Pelicans forward Anthony Davis in 2012, and Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns in 2015.

On Friday, Calipari made a YouTube video to promote his Wildcat alumni for the NBA All-Star Game. The thing I noticed the most was that he wore a John Wall Wizards jersey and never took it off during the course of the video.

Sure, he promoted Kings center DeMarcus Cousins first and showed items highlighting other Kentucky Wildcats alumni. But let's face it. They're part of his family and deserve a mention too.

But l'm giving Calipari mad props for keeping on that number 2 jersey the whole time when he could have worn other players' uniforms in an easily editable video.

So John Calipari, I'm giving you an #NBAVOTE!