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Top Stories of the Week: Wizards get back on track, Beal returns, Wall changes agents

Things are getting back on track.

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Happy Friday everyone. For many of you, you will have an extended weekend due to Martin Luther King Day. But if you're in the public sector or not in the USA, at least the weekend's coming up.

Wizards win three in a row

Just when it looked like the Wizards would be in danger of staying in the Eastern Conference cellar for the season, they always seem to bounce back. They beat the Magic on Saturday, 105-99.

After they beat the Bulls on Monday, 114-100 without Marcin Gortat and Nene returning to his 2014 playoff form. Finally on Wednesday, they beat the Bucks, 106-101 at home.

Wizards play the Pacers tonight on the road, host the Celtics Saturday at home for Bullets Forever Night

Yippee! Here's more on our pre-game hangout at 5 p.m. on Saturday, January 6. We'll meet up at the Greene Turtle in Verizon Center.

Marcin Gortat misses Monday's game due to a knee infection.

Gortat had a big cut in his ear on Saturday. You'd think he'd miss Monday's game because of that, but you're wrong. A cut on his knee caused it to be swollen, and he missed two games in a row because of it.

John Wall has MRI to examine knee

He had an MRI done on Thursday to check on a muscle above his knee.

John Wall fires Dan Fegan, hires Ryan Paul

Rand Paul represents LeBron James, in case you're wondering. James also represents a number of other players, most of whom wear Nike. Sounds like Wall may move in that direction as well, though that's not necessarily set in stone just yet. Mike Sykes has more.

Best Quality Shots of the Week

That's it. Enjoy the weekends. Hope to see you at BF Night Saturday.

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