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Verizon Center implements permanent walk-through metal detectors

Lines should be a lot shorter this fall and winter with the Wizards' and Capitals' seasons starting in weeks!

Stewart W. Small

Monumental Sports has been making various upgrades in the Verizon Center this summer. One of the major upgrades is the construction of a new club for Wizards and Capitals VIP seat holders.

But let's be honest. Only a few people who spend a pretty penny will get to experience the new club.

But on Tuesday, before the Mystics' win over the Indiana Fever, fans saw something that will have an impact on every fan: permanent walk-through metal detectors.

According to a release sent to Mystics season ticket holders, the new detectors will eliminate the use of hand held metal detection devices that event staff have previously used to screen fans before entering the arena. In addition, the release stated that the new metal detectors will be used for all Wizards and Capitals games this fall.

What this means is that you will have faster lines and a better fan experience when you go to a Wizards or Capitals game this fall. Something that I approve wholeheartedly.

And by the way, it's never too early to see what those metal detectors are like. The Mystics still have one more home game left against the Atlanta Dream on Sunday plus at least one playoff opponent after that.