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The oranje J Wall 2 shoes are a perfect fit for the Netherlands national basketball team

The Dutch love their orange. John Wall has an orange colorway of his new shoes. A perfect match! (And yes, I wrote orange with a j on purpose.)

Photo courtesy of Adidas

Jake shared you the news earlier Tuesday that John Wall's latest J Wall 2 colorway will work perfectly for Halloween. But these shoes could also work perfectly with one of the teams playing in EuroBasket 2015.

That team would be the Netherlands, where they love to wear their orange. This is because the Dutch monarchy is part of the House of Oranje-Nassau, and orange is their color.

Anyway, here's a picture of Dutch guard Charlon Kloof wearing his orange during their close 81-74 loss to Estonia on this morning. Just focus on the color of the uniforms and you'll see where I'm heading:

charlon kloof netherlands

Photo by Andrej Isakovic, Getty Images

The shade of orange the Dutch team's wearing fits in really, REALLY well with the J Wall 2's. I get that the Netherlands are wearing Spalding uniforms, but Wall's orange shoes are perfect for a team that has refused to be a pushover in EuroBasket 2015.

Someone at Adidas, get the Dutch players with an Adidas shoe contract a pair of those kicks, even if average joes like me have to wait a couple weeks. Like now!