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EuroBasket 2015 Day 4 recap: Spain gets upset again, Greece and Serbia remain undefeated, the Netherlands stays resilient

Check out the scores in Groups B and C games today and where everyone stands with two games left to play in group action.

Former St. Bonaventure guard Charlon Kloof has led the Netherlands to a surprisingly good performance in EuroBasket 2015.
Former St. Bonaventure guard Charlon Kloof has led the Netherlands to a surprisingly good performance in EuroBasket 2015.
Andrej Isakovic, Getty Images

Poland and the Czech Republic didn't play today which gives us more time to look at Groups B and C who took the spotlight. However, I'll also add the standings for each group so you know how things look now that everyone has played three games in EuroBasket group play.

Group A standings

Team Record Points
France 3-0 6
Israel 2-1 5
Poland 2-1 5
Finland 1-2 4
Bosnia and Herzegovina 1-2 4
Russia 0-3 3

TL;dr: Poland's tied for second place, but they still face a tough test against Israel tomorrow.

Group B scores and standings

Serbia blew out Iceland, 93-64 - Serbia was the runner-up in last year's World Cup. Iceland isn't ranked. The result wasn't a surprise by any stretch. The only thing that was surprising was that Serbia shot 64.2 percent for the game and a ridiculous 79 percent from two-point range!

Now, we just wonder whether the Serbians could be the favorites in EuroBasket as a whole. As for the Icelanders, they face Spain AND Turkey next, so it's safe to say that they're headed for an early exit.

Turkey beats Germany, 80-75 - The game was not as close as the final score indicated. Turkey raced to a 29-8 lead in the first quarter and went to a holding pattern from there as Germany ultimately couldn't catch up. Dennis Schroeder had a nice stat line (24 points and 6 assists) for Germany, but also had five turnovers. Ouch.

Italy outshoots Spain, 105-98 - The Spanish fell to 1-2 in group play after Marco Belinelli made seven threes for the Italians in the second half. He also dished 7 assists and had an excellent game overall. In fact, Belinelli made more threes than the Spanish overall, which was the ex-factor in this game. Highlights of this game are embedded below:

Here are the standings in Group B:

Team Record Points
Serbia 3-0 6
Italy 2-1 5
Turkey 2-1 5
Spain 1-2 4
Germany 1-2 4
Iceland 0-3 3

Group C scores and standings

The Netherlands fall short of completing a big comeback against Slovenia, 81-74 - Slovenia took a 41-29 lead into the half vs. the Oranje Lions, who appeared to be destined for a blowout loss at the time.

But, they came back strong in the second half and tied the game as late as the fourth quarter. The Dutch also made it a two-point game with less than two minutes remaining but it wasn't enough. The Slovenians' opening 12-0 run to start the game was ultimately the Lions' downfall. Charlon Kloof led the Dutch with 25 points.

The Slovenians kept their composure vs. the Dutch for a hard fought win and are in good position to advance to the knockout rounds. For the Dutch, they will probably not advance given that they have some tough games remaining, but their play certainly shows that they can be a factor in European basketball over the next several years given that Kloof is just 25.

Greece beats Georgia, 79-68 - The Georgians got the equivalent of a death blow in this match as the Greeks shot 10 of 17 from the three-point line and dished 28 team assists

Yes, it's possible that Georgia could advance to the knockout round since they'll have the unranked Macedonians next. But their last game is against Croatia, who's 12th in the world, and it's unlikely that they will beat them.

Croatia blows out Macedonia, 73-55 - To be fair to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, they played the Croatians very well for the first half of the game. But they ultimately didn't have the manpower to keep up in the second half when they were outscored 43-23.

And here are the standings in Group C

Team Record Points
Greece 3-0 6
Croatia 2-1 5
Slovenia 2-1 5
Netherlands (Holland) 1-2 4
Macedonia 1-2 4
Georgia 0-3 3

Group D standings

Team Record Points
Czech Republic 2-1 5
Belgium 2-1 5
Lithuania 2-1 5
Latvia 2-1 5
Estonia 1-2 4
Ukraine 0-3 3

TL;dr: The Czechs are in good position to the knockout rounds, but they still have yet to face Lithuania. In order to feel much more comfortable about getting there, they must beat a tougher-than-expected Belgium team tomorrow.