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Washington Wizards unveil new "Baltimore Pride" alternate jersey for 2015-16 season

The Wizards will be paying homage to the 1969-1973 Baltimore Bullets by wearing these new alternates in six games this season.

In addition to the blue alternate uniforms that were announced before last season, the Wizards have unveiled a fourth uniform, "Baltimore Pride," paying homage to the 1969-1973 Baltimore Bullets. It'll be worn in six select games this season.


alternates 2

Per the team's press release, here's the schedule for when they plan on wearing their alternates this season:

Nov. 25 @ Charlotte Hornets Blue
Dec. 6 vs. Dallas Mavericks Red
Dec. 16 @ San Antonio Spurs Blue
Dec. 19 vs. Charlotte Hornets Baltimore Pride
Dec. 30 @ Toronto Raptors Blue
Jan. 3 vs. Miami Heat Blue
Jan. 16 vs. Boston Celtics Baltimore Pride
Jan. 23 vs. Utah Jazz Baltimore Pride
Jan. 28 vs. Denver Nuggets Baltimore Pride
Feb. 24 @ Chicago Bulls Blue
Feb. 28 vs. Cleveland Cavaliers Blue
Mar. 2 @ Minnesota Timberwolves Blue
Mar. 5 vs. Indiana Pacers Baltimore Pride
Mar. 19 vs. New York Knicks Baltimore Pride
Mar. 27 @ Los Angeles Lakers Blue
Mar. 30 @ Sacramento Kings Blue
Apr. 1 @ Phoenix Sun Blue
Apr. 3 @ Los Angeles Clippers Blue
Apr. 10 vs. Charlotte Hornets Red