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2015-16 Bullets Forever Ticket Exchange Thread

Here's your place to exchange game tickets for the 2015-16 season with fellow Wizards fans.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Wizards figure to have a great season this year and we get it. Going to 44 games in the pre and regular season is hard to do, no matter how much of a sports fan you are.

We have a solution.

Here's your ticket exchange thread for the Wizards' 2015-16 season, where season ticket holders can list their extra game tickets for other Bullets Forever community members.

Below is an FAQ, which shall also serve as guidelines on how to use this space:

What's the gate price for Wizards single game tickets?

The Wizards use dynamic pricing for their 100-level tickets, where the prices can fluctuate day to day based on a number of factors including the opponent, day of the week, and weather.

That said, use the Wizards' STH price list as a guide to how much you should price your tickets.

How much can I list the tickets for?

I've received some requests to remove the 125 percent of STH rate rule from last season. I'm fine with removing the rule, so you can charge what you believe is the market rate for any single game.

That said, like any other marketplace, if you are asking for a ridiculously high price compared to everyone else in your section for a game, you're not going to sell your tickets.

Are there any games that I can't sell?

We will have our first annual Bullets Forever night on January 16, 2016 when the Wizards play the Celtics. I'm working with Monumental Sports on getting a block of seats together so a bunch of us can meet up and sit together as a group.

So for that one game, I'm going to have to discourage listed sales -- esp. in the 400 section where we will likely be --  since we do want this night to be a success. Otherwise, you can list your tickets for any game or Wizards season ticket holder event (Six Flags, VIP season ticket holder party, etc.) as you please.

I want to sell or buy preseason tickets. What are their prices?

The full season ticket holder rate for preseason games is 50% of the regular game rate. A seat with a $50/seat price at the full season ticket holder rate will actually be $25/seat for the preseason.

How do I list my tickets?

You must list your email address in a comment, in the following format below to minimize spammers.

Here's mine, and I am a season ticket holder by the way: aleeinthedmv AT gmail DOT com.

Once your tickets are sold, please say so in a comment. We will take down comments on a weekly and/or as needed basis.

How do I inquire about buying tickets?

If you are interested in buying tickets from a community member, please email the seller directly, and in the email, introduce yourself and your Vox Media screen name to the seller. That way the seller knows that he or she is talking to a fellow community member, not some random lurker who conveniently saw this thread.

What power does BF have in pricing disputes?

We are not an arbitrator or mediator to any price negotiation disputes. This thread is simply a listing of tickets for BF'ers to either sell tickets to games they can't attend and to connect them with buyers who are fellow BF'ers.

Thanks everyone, and feel free to list your tickets. We'll keep this thread right under the cover and re-open comments every month since commenting closes automatically every 30 days.