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Wizards Media Day was notable for lack of quotables

The Washington Wizards focused on winning season and Eastern Conference Finals.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

WASHINGTON - I'm still chasing words. The energy and the passion were missing for me today. The Wizards opened Media Day 2015 as they always do on the practice courts of the Verizon Center, but something felt off. Every player came on and off the court individually instead of in groups of five or even groups of three.

There were no crazy hairstyles, crazy quotes or must see moments. I have to admit at times I was bored. I talked to players we may never see in a Wizards uniform, completely missing John Wall and Bradley Beal. Though you always want to hear from your team's All-Stars, There was a gang of reporters surrounding them and not a gang of time, so I chose wisely. Their offseason routine, leadership, mindset going into Training Camp tomorrow, things such as these. I have to be honest. As of right now, I have no clue.

In my defense, they looked completely uninterested in being there but grateful to start the basketball season off strong again. It wasn't just them. Everyone was anti-basketball and pro-rest.

What did you do in the offseason?

Player 1: Worked on my shot and rest.

Player 2: Worked on my shot and rest.

Player 3: Worked on my shot and rest.

Player 4: Read a book and lost weight.

Player 5: Just rest. Rest. Rest. I didn't pick up a basketball.


Wizards' fans don't really want to hear that. At least we know they are all well rested. Everyone did however, attend John Wall's offseason camp on August 19, they could be working on something top-secret and just don't want anyone to know about it just yet. I mean we are in Washington, D.C., a city know for its secrets, after all.

Wizards Media Day 2015 was a success, every player fulfilled their team obligations and we learned about things we already know.


1. NBA Championship

2. Eastern Conference Finals

3. Stay Healthy All Year

4. Small Ball Success

5. Beat Cleveland

After two consecutive losses in the Eastern Conference Semis (Indiana: 2014, Atlanta: 2015) the Wizards want to make sure it won't happen again, and winning Media Day with a good quote won't change what happens this spring. The tone for this season is set: There is no "Win or Go Home." It's "Win and Keep Going" for 2016.

It was fitting that the practice court where Media Day was held was soundproof. This year won't be about making the best quotes, it will be about raising the bar on the court. It's game time.