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Wall talks about pitching Kevin Durant and the Wizards' 2015-16 season goal in interview

John Wall admitted that he's pitching the Thunder star next offseason. But he is equally determined to make the Wizards the 2015-16 Eastern Conference Champions as well.

CSN's Rob Carlin and Doc Walker had a chance to interview John Wall last Friday on SportsTalk Live where you can see the video embedded above. One of the main topics was on Kevin Durant's free agency. Here's Wall's response to it:

You’ll get an opportunity to throw a pitch at him to try and get him to come back home. But I know one thing of just knowing him, he’s really going to be focused on taking care of the Oklahoma City Thunder this season and I’m going to be focused on taking care of the Washington Wizards.

To be fair, this is the right response to any question on that topic. Durant's playing for a Thunder team that still has a good shot to make a deep playoff run and Wall is focused on making the Wizards a top team in the Eastern Conference.

Later in the video, Wall also disclosed the Wizards' season goal: winning the Eastern Conference.

Making the NBA Finals a stretch goal for sure, but in an Eastern Conference which appears to be wide open (after the Cleveland Cavaliers), this goal still aligns well with the Wizards' upward trajectory.

Still, even John Wall has an eye Durant's free agency just like many Wizards fans do too. I'm not totally literate in this #KD2DC translator thingee but that quote certainly implies that Wall may have picked up a new language in the offseason.

I'll just leave it to Jake to figure that out. ;)