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Garrett Temple ranks 360th on NBARank, 59 spots lower than he should

This is an outrage!

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Wednesday afternoon, ESPN released the first #NBArank listing of the new season, ranking the 301st through the 400th best players in the NBA.

For some reason that we can't understand, Garrett Temple came in 360th, the lowest ranking of anyone on this list. Needless to say, we are incensed. Yes, Temple is not the best player in the NBA by any stretch (he has a projected Real Plus/Minus of -1.65), but he is not the 360th best player either. To demonstrate just how much he's being undervalued, we're listing one reason why each player above Temple isn't as good at Employee Number 17.

  • Rakeem Christmas - How can someone be ranked so high if they're going to be a Mad Ant all season?
  • Raymond Felton - Garrett Temple will not eat a pint of Ben & Jerry's after he realizes he is a sub-300 player.
  • Udonis Haslem - Temple can guard people without fouling them.
  • DeJuan Blair - Temple played over 500 more minutes last season than Blair, and they were on the same team.
  • Cameron Payne - Payne may never see the ball this season playing with Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant and Dion Waiters.
  • Caron Butler - Plays for the Kings.
  • Brandon Rush - Steve Kerr probably won't be in any Rush to get him on the floor this season.
  • Jabari Brown - Plays for the Lakers.
  • Cole Aldrich - More like LOL Aldrich amirite?
  • Dante Cunningham - Not sure why Dante is ranked so low, he was solid last year, but he also didn't play crunch-time minutes in a second round playoff game last season.
  • Perry Jones - Weird to see a highly touted prospect from Baylor struggle to find playing time as he enters his fourth season.
  • Joseph Young - Again: Why are we listing future Fort Wayne Mad Ants on here?
  • Luke Babbitt - Temple had three 15+ point performances last season. Babbitt only had one.
  • James Michael McAdoo - Yeah he's a nice prospect but can he lock down Kyle Korver? Pass.
  • Chris Copeland - Started his NBA career as a New York Knick, can't be trusted.
  • Sergey Karasev - Scored less points than Temple last season.
  • Glen Davis - Still a free agent.
  • Shelvin Mack - Currently with the Hawks because he couldn't beat out Temple for a spot on the Wizards
  • Reggie Bullock - Traded twice since he was drafted in 2013.
  • Joe Harris - According to ESPN: "2015-16 projected RPM: -6.02"
  • Steve Blake - Could be driven to insanity while tutoring Reggie Jackson this season.
  • Hollis Thompson - Plays on the 76ers.
  • LaVoy Allen - His Twitter handle is @chefVOYardee. No thanks.
  • Joe Ingles - No habla Ingles en Utah.
  • Larry Nance Jr. - Plays on the Lakers.
  • Ryan Kelly - Plays on the Lakers.
  • Samuel Dalembert - More like Samuel Dalemblah, amirite?
  • P.J. Hairston - Resorts to terrible flops instead of playing sound defense.
  • Pierre Jackson - Plays on the 76ers.
  • JaVale McGee - No.
  • Pablo Prigioni - Once crossed up by John Wall from the opposite side of the court.
  • Richard Jefferson - "2015-16 projected RPM: -3.75"
  • Allen Crabbe - Seems pretty Allen Drabbe to me.
  • Andre Roberson - Won't be able to handle the incessant #KD2DC questions throughout the season.
  • Seth Curry - Plays on the Kings.
  • R.J. Hunter - Maybe not a great idea to trust a rookie out of Georgia State more than a NBA veteran like Garrett Temple.
  • Devin Booker - Probably won't handle the Markieff Morris drama well.
  • John Jenkins - "2015-16 projected RPM: -3.40"
  • Jose Calderon - "2015-16 projected RPM: -3.67"
  • Brian Roberts - "2015-16 projected RPM: -4.49"
  • Carl Landry - Traded from the Kings to the 76ers.
  • Cleanthony Early - Plays on the Knicks.
  • Langston Galloway - Also plays on the Knicks.
  • Alexis Ajinca - Watching him makes me wanna Alexis A-wince-a.
  • James Anderson - Plays on the Kings, used to play for the 76ers.
  • Delon Wright - Too starstruck by Drake to play effectively his rookie season.
  • Jon Leuer - Also probably won't handle the Markieff Morris drama well.
  • Mike Muscala - Play will suffer this season after he realizes 2 Chainz was only pretending to be his friend.
  • Gary Harris - "2015-16 projected RPM: -5.60"
  • Troy Daniels - "2015-16 projected RPM: -3.43"
  • Tyler Ennis - "2015-16 projected RPM: -4.05"
  • Archie Goodwin - "2015-16 projected RPM: -6.04"
  • Jordan Adams - Will crumble under the pressure of trying to be the next Jordan (Crawford).
  • Andrew Nicholson - "2015-16 projected RPM: -3.71"
  • Jeremy Evans - Temple may not have a Dunk Contest title, but he scored more points than Evans did last season.
  • Danny Granger - "2015-16 projected RPM: -4.00"
  • Aron Baynes - Still scarred by Blake Griffin posterizing him multiple times in the playoffs.
  • Tyler Hansbrough - A Tar Heel playing under Michael Jordan has never gone well.
  • Nemanja Bjelica - Bye Bjelica.