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What A Time To Be Alive mixtape is all about Drake mourning Raptors' playoff loss to Wizards

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It's been nearly five full months since the Wizards unceremoniously swept the Raptors out of the playoffs. A lot has changed since that series. Notable players on both sides of that series have joined new teams, but the pain is still fresh in the mind of one Raptors fan.

By now, you've probably heard Drake released a new mixtape with Future titled What A Time To Be Alive. On the surface, this appears to be an innocent collaboration of two of the biggest names in music, but once you dig a little deeper it's pretty clear Drake is just using each song title to express his pain:

Digital Dash

You'd dash away from social media too if Paul Pierce (who can't even tweet an emoji correctly) is dropping dope memes at your expense:

Big Rings

The Raptors still do not have these in the wake of being swept by the Wizards.

Live From The Gutter

Drake wrote this song in the middle of the fourth quarter during Game 4. Say what you want about Drake, the man knows how to express his emotions.

Diamonds Dancing

Inspired by this man, right here:


This song is actually a recruiting pitch to get up-and-coming players to enroll in Truth Stopper program, that teaches people how to guard Paul Pierce. Anyone who completes the course gets a paid scholarship to the school of their choice, paid for by Drake so long as they commit to playing for the Raptors in the NBA.

This seems like a very shady arrangement, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

I'm The Plug

This song is about Drake is hoping the new uniforms he designed for the Raptors will charge the team up for more success next season. Maybe he can't lead a team to playoff success, but he can make some dope uniforms. That's why he's there.

Change Locations

This is actually a direct quote from Drake to Lou Williams and Amir Johnson after this sequence:

A bit rude on Drake's part, but effective since Williams is a Laker and Johnson is a Celtic now.


There's actually a typo in this title. It's supposed to read "Jump, man!" It's about the guilt Drake felt after telling Patrick Patterson to bite on this pump fake from Paul Pierce:


This song is also about the new jerseys he designed. He's very proud of them.

To be fair, they do look very nice. They almost help you forget the Raptors got swept because they couldn't figure out how to guard a 37 year old man.

30 for 30 freestyle

"What if I told you one of hottest rappers in the game couldn't find a way to lead his team to a playoff win against the Washington Wizards or recruit Kevin Durant to play for his team without being fined and reminded Washington is a far superior place to play in 2016?"

To be clear, we haven't had a chance to listen through the mixtape just yet, but we're probably going to wait until we're in a gloomy mood before we hit play, because we don't want this to ruin an otherwise fun day.