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The Mystics and Redskins are playing on the same day at the same time

Basketball wins!

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Stewart W. Small

The Mystics will play the Liberty in just over an hour from now -- or at 1 p.m. ET -- in Game 2 of their first round playoff series.

Meanwhile, the Washington Redskins will play the St. Louis Rams at home, also at 1 p.m. ET.

Ted Leonsis blogged about the two teams playing at the same time on Sunday morning. Here's the entire quote:

Mystics play playoff game 2 in round one today at 1PM at Verizon Center. Should we win today, we move on to the next round.

The Redskins play at 1PM too. At home.

Now this is tough to schedule against.

Should you want to attend the game at Verizon Center. Click here to buy tickets. Go Mystics!

He owns the Mystics and yes, he wants you to buy tickets. But the Mystics are playing for a berth in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Redskins on the other hand ... well ... it's just the beginning of the season.

Here's hoping that the Mystics close the deal this afternoon.