My apologies to Hands11 who was first to post about mentioned above tournament, but I just want to help with finding correct information.

Eurobasket 2015 tournament was originally given to Ukraine to host, but because of political situation in this country now it's going to take place in Germany, France, Croatia and Latvia. Here is some info: wiki

About tournament, recommended links:


Group A predictions ("polish" group)

and some more details

About Polish National Team. Well, obviously threre is Gortat and he is an unquestionable leader of our team, but we have Przemek Karnowski from Gonzaga as his backup as well. There is Mateusz Ponitka who had a shot in the recent NBA Draft - great, athletic player with huge confidence, who is never afraid to dunk.

Ponitka posterizing Mirotic

and we have A.J. Slaughter american player with polish passport who is definetely one of the stars of polish team.

My predictions?

Well I've decided to not have any. Two years ago we had high hopes going to Eurobasket 2013 and it ended up in big dissapointment. So now I'll just sit and watch. Polish group seems really tough and Gortat&Co is able to finish strong just behind the France...or fail to qualify further again.

Poland first game on Saturday 05-09-15 at 15:00 CET against

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