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Bradley Beal wears headband in Wizards photoshoot

Bradley Beal is getting ready to enter his fourth season in the NBA, so he's seen all the sights and experienced all the great things you can experience in the league. Now, he has to find a way to keep things fresh, and it looks like he's getting ready to do that by changing up his look for the upcoming season:

Perhaps this is just for some special video the Wizards are doing, but usually you don't see a player wear something for these screen reads the team uses for promotional videos unless they plan on wearing it during a game. So it's looking like this could be real change.

If Beal is making the switch, it's certainly an interesting move since he never wore a headband in college, or in high school, to the best of our knowledge. It would be a first for Beal heading into the biggest season of his career, as he tries to prove he deserves a max contract next season.

That said, we're surprised by how good Beal looks with the headband. It's a really, really good look. And if the headband helps unleash ANGRY BEAL on the world this season, that's a good thing for everyone, except Kyle Lowry.