Satoransky: "NBA has always been a lure for me, I'd like to play against the best players in the world"

Roberto Serra/Iguana Press/Getty Images

This morning, Tomas Satoransky did another interesting interview with Czech outlet If you're interested in reading every Q&A you can insert it into Google Translate, although it translates weirdly for the most part. So I translated the most interesting parts for you guys:

* Growing up, Satoransky says his dreams were to play in the NBA and at the Olympics. When he was a kid, Tomas played basketball, volleyball (Note: there's a few volleyball players in his family), and soccer.

* Satoransky on the N.B.A.: "NBA has always been a lure for me. The whole world watches NBA basketball. I'd like to play against the best players in the world, to compete with them every night. Individually, NBA players are at the top level. Also, you can't compare it financially to Europe, but in my case, what matters most is being on the floor full of basketball stars."

* Saty on his near future: "The situation is clear: I have a contract for next season in Barcelona and I don't want to concentrate on what will be in a year. I'll deal with it at the end of the upcoming season."

* Satoransky on his hobbies: "I have a sizeable collection of Blu-ray movies, that's my hobby. Also, I really like going to various restaurants. I love gastronomy and small family restaurants." He also says that among his favorite meals are tapas, meat, steaks, sushi, and spicy food.


P.S. for comedy's sake: Last Friday on the Czech Všechnopárty show (obviously it's in a Czech language), Tomas Satoransky joked - among other things - that in Spain he drinks 4 dl of wine/alcohol daily:

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