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Stefanie Dolson tells all about her purple hair while her teammates talk about her quirks

It would be very hard NOT to want to hang out with Big Mama Stef all the time after watching these videos.

Stefanie Dolson is one of the biggest personalities on the Washington Mystics and the WNBA. Whether she's caught slipping at the White House or dancing off against G-Wiz, you know she's going to be noticed when you see that she has purple hair and puts on a show.

So Monumental Network put out, not one but TWO VIDEOS on Dolson this week.

In the first video, Dolson was asked how she dyes and maintains her can't-miss looks. Some thing you'll learn about her are these:

  1. To prevent herself from having to dye her hair too often, she only washes her hair once every few days. That said, she takes a shower every day. I wonder how Dolson prevents her hair from stinking once a couple days have passed now that she said that.
  2. A blow by blow analysis on how the purple fades and when it's time to re-up on the dye.
  3. Her bathtub is purple from all the dying.

The second video shows the Mystics talking about her quirks and attempt their best Dolson impressions, which I find funny. Watch below or click here.

Keep doing you Big Mama Stef! At this point, I'm just wondering whether you've challenged John Wall to a dance off and if he'll accept.