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Top stories of the week: playoff bound Mystics, EuroBasket 2015, the versatility of Wall's orange shoes, and D-League news

Welcome back to the start of the school year for those of you who are kids or have kids. Here's how things went in the nation's capital.

Stewart W. Small

I can't think of some wisecrack to begin this. So, let's get to the story lines.

The Mystics made the playoffs on Tuesday and go to the White House THE VERY NEXT DAY

This is their third consecutive berth, the first time they have done this in franchise history. Check out our StoryStream for more takes.

Poland and Czech Republic are in the knockout rounds in EuroBasket 2015

The knockout rounds are played in Lille, France and it starts on Saturday.

John Wall has new ORANJE shoes

Jake shared you the news that Wall's newest colorways will be released on September 21. But they would have been perfect for the Netherlands' basketball team as they were playing in EuroBasket 2015. Yes, the Dutch flag is red, white, and blue. But orange is the color they are more passionate about.

There are a lot of other professional organizations that can make good use of Wall's orange shoes. They could fit in really well with:

  • The Baltimore Orioles MLB team because their colors are orange and black. They're also a team in the same regional market as the Wizards. Many D.C. area baseball fans also are still Orioles fans because the Nationals weren't around when they were kids. I'm one of them.
  • The Cincinnati Bengals NFL team because their colors are also orange and black. The black Adidas three stripes are tiger stripes by default as well.
  • The WNBA could use these shoes for their All-Star Game since the conference's uniforms are orange and black.

Wizards are one of 11 teams who will have their D-League players in nomadic situations

OMG WE'RE SCREWED! But not really....

It's not like the Wizards really have to use a D-League team's services right now. But that team should be ready when the practice facility is finished. Jake adds some perspective here.

Enjoy your weekends everyone.